NYC POPS Logo: Junction

Redesigned logo for New York City's POPS signage.


Black and White Logo


Full Color Logo


White Logo on Single Color

Junction expresses the way in which the network of POPS interconnects the urban fabric of New York City, hosting the overlap of various public planes and uses. It demonstrates the role POPS play in the rhythm of NYC, where layers of the city and our collective experiences merge into open, shared spaces. Junction highlights the importance of this convergence, and the role that POPS play as sanctuaries. They fill the gaps of the city’s grid with accessible, public areas that host the activities and interactions which make our city so vibrant. Ultimately, Junction represents POPS as dynamic moments that connect the city's framework while allowing visitors to retreat from bustling city life.

Junction provides a consistent and recognizable icon that represents the greater network of POPS while leaving negative space that can integrate with unique signage applications.


The logo mark is designed as two simple forms that can work at a variety of scales and can be easily etched, routed, printed, or inscribed on virtually any material.


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