The Public Play Grid

A customizable system and an easily fabricated set of furniture designed to create an endless variety of outdoor public programming.


The base of the system is a 6-foot grid that is taped or painted on streets, parking lots, or other outdoor spaces. A series of furniture, outdoor games, and shade pavilions are arranged over this grid to create public spaces, areas for play, and spaces for activities and other community programming.

Public Play Grid uses standard and low-cost materials that can be easily sourced, bought, or ideally, salvaged. Once the furniture pieces are cut out of plywood sheets using a CNC router, they can be easily assembled by anyone without tools or hardware.

The system is designed to be used as an “a-la-carte” menu of furniture and programming ideas that can be customized for various spaces and budgets in the city of Newburgh.

All illustrations use Humaaans by Pablo Stanley 



1. Street Grid
A 6’ grid is painted or taped out and filled in with additional painted areas.


2. Furniture and Games
A versatile set of furniture is cut out of standard 4’x8’ sheets of plywood and easily assembled without screws or nails.


3. Pavilions
Modular pavilions are constructed using standard scaffolding sections and covered with cut sections of fabric or tarps.

Furniture Types


Street Configurations


Furniture Configurations and Add-Ons


Pavilion Configurations


Sample Street Configuration on Chambers Street


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