Public Park Gate & Social Network

A place-based social network built into public park installations brings a digital, global reach into physical, local spaces.


Public parks in Sweden were often called Folkets Park (The People’s Park) and served as one of the central social structures in Sweden. Public parks across the world have always provided a social center for human interaction. The public park created a reliable social network and physical destination that anyone could access.

Today, the internet has become the social connection of choice and there is less reliance on a shared physical space.

This proposal for a Folkets Park Social Network combines the park’s physical space, added spatial installations, and a modern social network and app that enhance the park experience, while also connecting local residents to events occurring in other parks.

Järfälla, Sweden

Architecture, Furniture, Landscape, Urban Planning



Past: Local, Physical Connections
In the past, people relied on physical and local public spaces to interact with their communities.


Now: Global, Digital Connections
Today, the internet allows for interaction to occur on a global scale, without the need for shared, physical space.


Folkets Park Network: Global, Physical Connections
People are connected through physical space, which also provides a gobal connection to people in other physical spaces.

A social network that brings us closer together and back into our local public spaces.


Activating the App
The app will only activate when you are approaching a park gate.


Checking into a Park
You are checked in automatically when you enter through the gate. The app’s streaming and uploading features are now available.


Promoting Local Events
Once you are checked in, you can upload advertisements, announcements, and other content to six “local happenings” screens that are visible at the park gate.


Streaming Live Video
As you record video, the app broadcasts it live to the “local feed” screens on the gate. A larger screen cycles through video streams from other parks connected to the network.


A minimal app takes focus off the screen.

The Folkets Park app doesn't work unless you are checked into a park. Video taken in the app cannot be saved or shared — it is streamed directly to "local feed" screens. The minimal interface and absence of features directs attention away from our screens and back towards meaningful, physical interactions.


Simple but bold branding unifies digital and physical elements into one experience.


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